Whether you need strategic category, shopper, consumer or brand insights to base your planning on, a different way of thinking to build your growth plans or some help with ideation (or a bit of all 3), we can help you.

Redbird Consulting - what we doWe help businesses create synergistic category and brand growth strategies, that drive sustainable and mutual growth.

  • Meeting the needs of consumers and shoppers
  • Growing the retailer’s business
  • Growing the client’s brand

desk with red chair and mouseOnce the growth strategy is built, we can also help companies unlock these strategies into actionable, specific plans:

  • Uncovering and creating actionable insights to flesh out the growth strategies
  • Innovation ideation workshops to unlock the strategic insights
  • Activation planning to bring it to life in the market place
  • Building a collaborative culture, everyone rowing in the same direction

Whether it be insight consultancy, mentoring or project work with over 30 yrs of insights, strategy and creative thinking experience, including working as a Quantitative and Qualitative research director in agencies in the northern and southern hemisphere and heading up insights for Mars Food in Australia for nearly 12 years, Lou can help you uncover and create powerful actionable insights.

  • We deliver insights with clarity, that drive sustainable growth for your business.
  • We are experts in synthesising all forms of data and research into actionable insights.

We can review your existing Growth Planning Process and build in some of our proven frameworks and methodologies to create powerful:

  • Category Growth Driver Models
  • Brand Growth Strategies
Or, we can introduce the Redbird ‘Greenhouse’ Strategy Creation Process:
  • A step by step process with full briefing and analysis templates for each step of the way
  • We facilitate, coach/mentor your cross functional team through the whole process (analysis, insight generation and presentation, category driver creation, brand growth strategy creation)
  • We facilitate key strategic workshops (but your team are fully active partners throughout).

Once you have a strategy in place, we can help drive Strategy into Action through facilitating Ideation workshops:

  • Innovation
  • Communication
  • Activation
  • Brand Purpose platforms
    Creative thinking

A great growth strategy is important but without clear, actionable plans to implement it, the strategy is just a document. We can help companies unlock these strategies into actionable, specific plans:

  • Developing cross functional collaboration, co-creation, alignment
  • Implementation through SMART ‘strategy into action’ plans – the WHAT, BY WHO, WHEN plan
  • Embed by ‘packaging it all up’ in a digestible format, that travels well to all areas of your business
  Driving Strategy